Dream Job Memos

With Judy Bullimore


Weekly memos of inspiration, motivation and practical tips for job application and interview success!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a supportive bubble of positive energy, practical hints, tips and techniques pitched at the right level for your extensive expertise, all in an easy 'read at a glace' format? The type of message in your mailbox that you actually look forward to opening?

Good News! - That's why I created the Dream Job Weekly Memos.

Remaining unashamedly ambitious, confident, determined and resilient in the job application is so important in getting shortlisted and past the final interview stages for a dream job offer, but it can feel easier said than done (especially in this climate). If you need an 'uplifting pick me up', a boost of confidence or a reminder that a dream job is possible then these memos are for you.

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Why I Do I What Do!

I coach incredibly talented and highly skilled professionals in the process of STANDING OUT at application and interview, because I genuinely and truly BELIEVE in these principles;

  • Everyone deserves to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL (which means not playing small or settling for any old job).
  • Personal and professional achievement's should be CELEBRATED
  • Applying for an ideal position can be exciting (when you know how).

These memos support a positive mindset in your dream job journey, plus they include the successful techniques my clients are using, with SUCCESS! These holistic and unique techniques have had me featured on the TV and BBC radio.

I'm so excited to share with confidence that this stuff works, so ENJOY!

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